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Absolute first class, warm, caring and dedicated staff. My kidney transplant was very successful and the quality of every step of the process went flawlessly. Equally as important was the devotion and professionalism of the entire staff that worked with such dedication! I couldn't be more pleased

She delivered my daughter in 2006. She was awesome in the delivery room and gave great care the whole way through!

My granny goes there and i love her. My granny loves their food especially their soup.


My family and I have been seeing Dr. Ginsberg for about 8 years now and have always been very pleased. Both my wife and I are diabetic, so thorough annual eye exams are very important to us. Dr. Ginsberg has always been very professional yet personable, taking all the time necessary to answer


Dr. Kelley is the most kind and giving man I've ever met.30 years ago, he and his wife sponsored my family from Vietnam. They didn't know who we were,.

Fantastic dental office. The quality of the work is exceptional and the latest equipment and technology is very impressive. The doctor and all the staff are very friendly and make you feel welcome

Dr. Michael Coppa is awesome! He delivered my daughter and has also been my GYN for many many years. He's professional and extemely personable.

Very gentle and caring.Didn't feel athing

The staff makes you feel really special, They truely care about your well being and it's not just a job to them.

Years ago I worked as a Medical Assistant & I said I would never go to a doctor that I worked with (to close up & personal), I had many years dealing with polycystic ovaries, agonizing with infertility due to Gyn problems, After having the honor of witnessing first -hand, Dr. Hawwa, tending

I had been putting off a root canal for a long time. I was afraid to have this procedure done and thought it was going to be very painful. Dr. Steckler was great! She was very professional and friendly. Plus the root canal didn't hurt as much as I had thought it would. I would recommend her

I've never actually met Dr. Farina, but I do go to his office and have Jennifer Pascoa as my Dr. there ( I don't know if anyone actually ever sees Farina).

Dr. Phillip Lucas, an Orthopedic Surgeon of Providence, Rhode Island, Rhode Island Hospital and Brown University is the finest physician I have ever treated with, As a sixty year-old male and fifteen-year Type II diabetic, I've experienced a variety of physicians. I initially saw Dr. Lucas

He is an excellent neurologist, and he has so much compassion for his patients, something that is rarely found in dr.'s today.

I have been a patient of Roger Redleaf for more than 15 years. I have a chronic back problem. Without Roger I would be in constant pain. He is a wonderful, knowledgeable, professional chiropractor. I highly recommend him.

Do not go there, they will take your money and do horrible job. Then they will tell you its to late to change, or replace. There's lots of Eye clinic around who cares about you., not just about money.

I've been going to Dr. Turacova for about 4 years, and I think she's great. She's personable, and she doesn't rush you out. I've never had a bad experience with her or her staff.

Instead of putting your eyes against a computer and hearing three clicks to find out your eyes can't be fixed at lenscrafters.doctor glucksman goes through at least ten things with you and i wound of having hope and i can see now! lenscrafters lies and glucksman makes it better wouldn't trust

These people are great! I just recently delivered and they were great during the pregnancy and during labor. I would definitely recommend to other proegnant women.

I just went to see Dr. Bakios and he was great. Took his time with me and made sure my medical history was correct before starting with the removal of my teeth. I would greatly recommend him to family and friends!

I love Dr. Dvorin, he's the best ever, he's been all 3 of my children's doctor and the oldest is now 16. Tyrelle, Israel, and Major love visiting even when thier not feeling well.

Dr. Banki, gave personal treatment, caring and kind, as well as being very skillful. The office staff and all I encountered while there were extremely kind, caring and professional. They maintain the professionalism expected yet the experience was personal, not cold and clinical. Thank you

I started to see him when I was near deaf and now my hearing with hearing aids(not helping at all) is awful but I still have no problems with the doctor. He and his nurse practictioner are wonderful. I kind of screwed up once and they didnt yell or lecture, they knew that I already knew I screwed

My son and I have had the great pleasure of being with Dr. Turtle for 11years and what can we say - Dr. Turtle is top notch. Each member of the pediatric associates group is fantastic. From the front office to the lab and even covering on-call doctors each an everyone is friendly, helpful and

The doctors are good listeners, knowledgeable and patient. In the area of prescriptions, it may take a little while to get your prescription so be.

I made several calls to decide which plastic surgeon to see, and found the most help and friendliest receptionist at Dr. Edstrom's. Dr. Edstrom was extremely warm and personable, and I had my surgery (breast augmentation) there. The experience was first class from start to finish.

I have had DR. Faber as my ENT since I was a child, I'm now 33. This man is an absolute genius.

After a co-worker came back to the office with great dental work (she had spacing between her teeth and you can tell she was a coffee drinker) I jumped in getting her dentists' contact information- Dr. Joe Matrullo. I was really self-conscious when smiling, especially when I went to networking

The people at Premier Dental were great! Everybody was nice and understanding and now I have a new smile and it didn't cost me a fortune either. Thank you Premier Dental.

He knows so much more than the opt. know in todays age

Doctor Frey, is the best most caring dentist I have been to, she always puts the patient first. I, would recommend her to anyone.

After 1 1/2 years of being diagnosed and treated unsuccessfully for Chronic Fatigue and Lyme (never tested positive) I was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and began treatment with Patti. What a positive difference this made. I have a life again.and probably never really had Lyme or

Highly recommend her. Dona was very helpful in working with our son's school. She attended meetings with us and helped us understand our rights and our child's rights in the public school system. Always willing to meet us -even on Sundays! Our home has found a new normal and we LIKE IT. HSW,

Had a great experience. The doctor and his staff took detailed care of me. I recommend to anyone who needs urgent care and who does not have a primary doctor at the time. I waited less than 10 minutes in the waiting room.

Dr. nunes knows his medicine.good doctor.associated with Fatima Hospital.recommend.

My back was killing me, called Body Sense last minute today and they squeezed me in with Ceciley. What a great expierence! It was my first time there, they made me feel totally comfortable. focused on my problem area in my back and it was great! Followed up with a nice steam shower. Totally

If you MUST get a root canal, Dr Tyler is the dentist you want to do it. Very professional and virtually painless.

I think your office is very quick to assist patients, when someone has an emergency you get them in the very next morning even if you don't know them which no one does that, you all make everyone feel comfortable and the girls working there don't act snotty like alot of other places, there

Dr. Page actually did my cleaning himself, instead of having the hygenist do it. Unfortunately, I also had to have a filling revised. The filling was completely painless but not fun none the less. Overall, one of my best dentist experiences.

Kerri Iolongo is a wonderful therapist and healer. She provides great care in a healing, lovely space. I highly recommend putting yourself in her care.

This was once a very scary asylum but now looks like and is a fine hospital treating mental disabilities. I hope when I finally snap this is where I end up.

Always available to you and is at the top of her field. Confidentiality is of utmost importance to her.

Dr. Pat Sullivan performed a neck and lower face lift for me. Pre and post-op instructions were VERY detailed and reassuring. This helped to expediate a steady, complication-free recovery. He is meticulous in his work, does bring in an element of artistry, and has the best of qualified people

If you are looking for a doctor that truly listens and spends the time with you to recognize you INDIVIDUAL situations.look no further. He takes no shortcuts and always goes the extra mile.

Dr. Zabbo has been my urologist for the past 5 years, and I would not even consider ever finding another urologist. I will be brief and sum it up like this. Dr. Zabbo is the epitome of a professional, ethical and moral medical practitioner. Very seldom have I ever waited longer than five minutes

Dr. Estrada is helping many Latino patients with their illness and they have shown much confidence and pride in his professionalism and humbleness.

I love her! She's been my doctor for 21 years. She's like family now!

I love this place i been going there for years. the prices are great for glasses and the people are very nice!