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My mother lived at Converse Home for over 5 years. She died in late Sept. 2004. As her condition deterioriated, there was no reason for Converse to allow her to stay, other than they cared. And that they did. With the help of hospice, my Mom died at Converse with the loving support of staff

I have been going to Dr. Jill Jertson for over 15 years. Can't say enough about her professionalism, talent, understanding and knowledge from my early twentys to my mid thirtys she has helped me with everything from emotional support, infertility, birth of my child, and overall physical care.

I went to Excel following neck surgery. During my first visit I received a comprehensive assessment, explanation of my physical situation, and a review of the therapy plan. Some of the information the PT gave me would have been nice to know prior to my surgery because I was doing some of the

Early Sunday morning I had been awoken with a major tooth ache and ended up driving three hours home to see Dr. Salem. He was more than generous and had me all fixed up and ready to go back to school. I was really surprised that he was willing to take time out of his Sunday to come to the office,


I can't say the experience I had at this office was a pleasant one. I went for a Laser Hair Removal Consult and I ended up getting lectured on politics by the doctor. The anesthetician who preformed the spot test didn't make me feel comfortable in her knowledge and experience with the laser.

Great Doctor! I have great experience with complete Thomas Chittenden Health Center.

David was my therapist for 4 years while I lived in Vermont. Although there is no magic in therapy, I must say that I was able to live through some difficult times because of our conversations. He was really the only individual I've ever felt comfortable talking with. I gained from it some

I had a very bad experience at the Mad River Valley Health Center. Half way through the office visit I was told they did not have time to treat a very bad cut. I did not feel I was treated with respect or dignity at all. This is a Rural Health Clinic that has received Federal Funding. It was

We were Canadian tourists staying at Trapp when one of our party fell quite ill. We made the trek down the mountain on a Wednesday afternoon to seek help.

After months of seeing many doctors, Dr Brundage was the one who finally diagnosed my husband's throat cancer and probably saved his life. I highly recommend Dr. Brundage.

Dr. Weltman is one of the best dentist in Vermont. He truly cares about his patients. His staff is unbeliveable- they truly care and they make you feel at home. My family just loves these folks.

I was looking up Dr. Baad's phone via google, and came across the lousy review from an anonymous reviewer. My wife and I are both patients of his, and from 2 people who have actually been seen by Dr. Baad let me simply say he's great - very personable, responsive and sensitive to patient needs

Thanks to this man i am still kicking If not for his attention to detail and knowledge of medicine,i may never had known of my Heart condition untill it was to late.Hats off to this man,my greatest respect.

I've had Dr. Moore as my primary care physician for about 5 years now. He is extremely friendly and a very capable doctor. For every odd issue I run into.

It's very chill. they play nice music and the therapists are helpful, and don't bombard one with advice you won't use.

Very good people here they did not try to push stuff on you that was unnecesasry very satisfied with service and efficiency.

Cares about the children but little hard to follow along with

Dr. Starr is great at listening and prescribing therapy (whether it be medication or other) for patients (at least me) in need of therapy for migraine. However, I recently saw him for a new issue (chronic pain) when my primary care physician referred me for a full neurological exam. I was quite

Helpful, knowledgeable, understanding, open to questions/concerns, etc.

Had knee surgery and after having complications was told that i shouldnt be in pain! five to six weeks out of surgery and i feel like calling to explain my problems is falling on deaf ears! minimizing someones uncomfortability is a risky situation. I have found no real comfort 8 weeks later