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Proliance is a great place to find a surgeon except for one, Dr. Ash Patel. How many bad results, mistakes, errors and bad medical ethics does it take? His bedside manner hides his terrible skills and results. Should not have a license!

I haven't had a baby at NWWHC yet but I will when the time comes! I had laparoscopic fibroid removal by Dr Heath Miller who is one of the few docs in town who can do this. I was recommended all sorts of things by other docs and thank goodness i got another opinion.

Dr. Martini is a top-notch doctor. He involves the patient in every aspect of treatment and is exceptionally kind. I highly recommend him after 8 months of treatment.

Dr. Canaday and his associates and staff have SAVED my life more then once. They are the BEST!

I have appreciated your kindness to me ever since the first day i walked into your dental office. You treated me with such friendliness and made me feel at ease. I appreciate everyone in the office from the receptionist to the dentist. Thank You

I've been hospitalized four times in the last 6 years, both in California and in Washington. SW Medical staff is friendly and competent. The facility is kept clean. The ER wait may be long, but they deliver a correct diagnosis and treatment. My in-patient care was excellent. I had surgery without

Horrible experience. I went to his office to get new crown, but instead getting one he did two without my authorization. Be carefull, or my advice do not go there.

Are you constipated? Have diabetes? Gout? Depression? Chronic pain? Cancer? Get thee to thine Naturopath. I'm convinced this guy can make anyone.

Yes, I do have the guts to review a gynecologist, publicly, on Yelp. Here's why:Best. Doctor. Ever.Hands down, no doubt about it, and I will never.

When I moved here, I was 8 months pregnant & needed to find an OB fast. An acquaintance who I knew online recommended her OB.Dr. Hamilton.I have been.

Has been my doctor for 10 years now and has been a great guy to talk to and help me take care of my sicknesses. He is friendly and reliable. Summit View.

Both my sister and I have been here, and we have loved our dermatologists, who are experienced and knowledgeable. Dr Strothers is who I saw and He helped.

The patient-doctor relationship is as specific, and as important as the I-Thou relationship in Love.That lofty allusion to Buber aside, I am a patient.

Dr. Maplethorpe is the best doctor I have ever been to. She is very caring, compassionate and never rushes you. When we decided to move to Texas my first.

Just had shoulder surgery. Dr. Belfie did a great job. He is very efficient. He explains everything and answers any question you would have. He is at Virginia Mason Clinic. They have the best short-stay surgery. They are well known for their regional bocks. I trust surgery and care there.

Dr. Greely is amazing! I went to see him about migraines and he tried a bunch or different things with me and didn't try until he found something that worked. He is a caring a dedicated doctor. His staff is also kind a helpful. I recommend him for anything neurological!

Dr. Schultz offers an array of services at an affordable price. She is Amazing. Her knowledge of accupunture and chiropractic combined are uplifting to the soul. Go Dr. Schultz.

Dr. McMillan is very capable and personable. He is up to date on eye issues for Diabetic patients. His diagnostic equipment is top notch. My family has been seeing him for about ten years and is extremely happy with his care.

Dr. Killian is an amazing physician. He really takes the time to listen to you as well as make every effort to get you in the office in a timeley manner unlike most offices that make you wait weeks. He has a great sense of humor and makes me feel like I have just visited with a friend instead

A great Dr. really made you feel like you have know him all your life. Can't say enough

I have been seeing Dr. Thorpe for the past 5 or 6 years. He has been there for me every time I needed him. From the minor back aches to other more complicated items, his easy nature and friendly image around the people he meets makes him a doctor who I would recommend to anyone that needs General

I want to thank Dr.Clarfeld and his staff, they are very caring, I had my surgery 4 years ago, and he still knows my name, WOW, well maybe because My husband & his interest in golf. Any way I have the greatest admiration, and would only recommend Dr. Clarfeld, as I have several times and so

An angel in a doctor's coat. This woman saved my life. Literally. When a very unsympathetic and disbelieving jerk at SW Washington Medical Center's.

Dr. Chaput is extremely helpful and friendly. Lakeshore Clinic is a busy clinic and I have felt rushed with others, but not with Dr. Chaput. She saw my.

This place is very convenient if you get there before all the little kids get there.if you get in there at the right time you have a 3 minute wait,but if.

Dr. Meline is awsome. I had been to see three other gyno's and no one would listen or help. He listened and helped with no hesitation. I felt such relief and complete gratitude to him.

Absolutely excellent doctor. He is professional, timely (rare in the medical industry), listens attentively, and is an all around wonderful person. We're moving out of the state and I can honestly say, losing Dr. Morgan is one of the saddest parts of our departure. You'd be in excellent hands

Friendly, personable, and knowledgable staff. State of the art equipment. I moved to Portland and still cross the river for the service.

I've been seeing Dr. Hall now for approximately 4 yrs and he is the best listener in the medical field that I've found! And has amazing skills and knowledge. I highly recommend him to everyone I know!

Preformed jpouch surgery on me several years ago. things went better than well and every problem was fully assessed.

This pic of Dr. McCroskey is from the year I was born. it's his medical school graduation picture! LOLDr. McCroskey is a great guy. Thorough and.

This is a great office with real good doctors and an excellent nurse practitioner. Dr Husky really listens to you and knows what he's talking about. The office staff is friendly and helpful and they even have a couple of dogs to keep you company.

Did my carpel tunnel & ulnar nerve relocation. So far so good!

I have been going to Dr Oakes for several years. He is a great dentist. I enjoy his easy-going personality, and the ways he always makes you feel so comfortable.

I had surgery on my right ankle in February 2008. My surgeon, Dr. Brandes and the staff at Proliance were excellent both in my treatment and with follow-up appointments. Appointments were always timely and the Dr. and staff took the necessary time to properly explain the procedures and expectations

Kelley delivered my baby girl four years ago (nearly), and it was amazing to have such a kind and compassionate person to help me through the experience. In.

Dee Meyers helped me more than any person to recognize my illness and what caused it. She is the best therapist for eating disorders in Spokane.

I do not like Madigan! I would not go there if you are having a true emergency because you will be waiting in the ER for an average of 6 hours. or so they will tell you that. but husband and I took my son there and we were there for 12 before we saw a dr and they thought our 14 month old little

This place was great. Very quick. Very efficient. Very friendly. The staff was helpful and got me out of there so quickly. They even helped me out with medication since I have no insurance.

My entire family has been going to Dr. Cahn for eight years. I originally found him when we were looking for a pediatrician/family dr for our 3 month old.

I've been to Dr. Hwang only a few times, but she's VERY nice. She's so easy to talk to. It's like talking to a friend. And, she show a lot of concern for.

My son's been through Speech Therapy, Nephrology, Urology, Radiology and several surgeries at Mary Bridge. Every time the staff has been compassionate, professional, and his care has been top-notch. I am very blessed to have Mary Bridge as the hospital that cares for my son's special needs.

DR DDS Kevin Brown is a Awesome Denist. I say Keven 3 weeks ago for the fist time ever I have not been to a denist in 17yrs.and from the time I called to the time I walked in it was all about me. Kevin does not care about the money is more because I thinks he love his job the way he talks to

Get yourself examined here! I had my procedure with Dr. Will and I will recommend it to all. He is the only Dr. doing the procedure in his office, and.

Great doctor, really listens to you-and remembers too! The first time a doctor called me back with answers to my questions, instead of his/her Medical.

The best orthopedic surgeon in the state. I know because I've talked to many of his patients, one of which referred me for shoulder surgery. If you want.

I am looking for a new neurologist if anybody can help me that would be great. i have suffered severe daily Migraines for 17 years and I am only 26. Thank you

Had a baby boy there, and everything was handled great

I really must tell you that this is the best place to be treated. I was really surprised the way that Dr. Karis took the time to ask me questions to find out how I was doing. She didn't just have me lay on the table, adjust me, pat me on the head and say next like other places I've been to.

Dr. Gilbert was listed as one of Seattle's Top Doctors of 2005 in Seattle Magazine.Dr. Gilbert is a wonderful doctor in my opinion - and his staff if.