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Great Doctor. Has been by doctor for 12 years now and the birth of my two children.

Dr. Wilson is probably one of the best physicians you will ever meet. When you are sick, he will see you. His philosophy is that is when your allergies, asthma, ect. are at their worst and that is the time he needs to see you. If you need an allergist, this is hands down the best in the region!

Dr. Beth Santmyire MD PhD is the best dermatologists I have ever been to. Most dermatologists let their nurses or PAs do most of the work and only see you for a minute or two. Dr. Santmyire in the ONLY one who will see you. She does not use nurses or PAs like most other physicians. She has

PAIS site map is clear and easy to understand; information is clear.

Great place. The staff is perfect! I always get right in and right back out in great time. Plus they take their time with you also.

Fantasic Retirement Community!We need a place like this here in Elkin's possibly in the Railyards by the Hospital!

My entire family was impressed with Dr. Jeff Jarrell and his staff. While receiving excellent dental treatment, you will also be treated with compassion and kindness. Everyone there will go out of their way to assist you in any way possible. Great office!

I really like this Pediatric office everyone is very friendly and the doctors seem to be very patient!Dr.Steele is so sweet and very good with the children i would recommend him to anyone.

I have been taking my little boy to Theropy Services for 3 years. They have helped us so much with our son's speech. They have always been patient, kind, and considerate to my family. Any time I had questions they have answered them with no problem. Jonathan's theropiest Holly is extreme good

He is an awesome pediatrician. He takes time for all of his patients. His staff is very nice and helpful. I would reccomend him to anyone.

He is very patient and understanding with cowardly patients, very gentle thank you.

My daughter and I have been patients at this office for several years. My daughter suffered years of coughing at night so bad it would lead to vomitting, it seemd she always had a cold. After a few months of treatments, she quit coughing at night and her colds became fewer. It became obvious

She is very very good. i can't forget what she did to me. thank u rania for evry thing

They do a very good job. Thorough cleaning, nice environment, relaxed, easy to get in for appointments. Dentist is knowledgeable and well experienced.

I have had some really bad experiences with dentists in the past. But I have to say that she is the best dentist that I have ever had, and I would recommend her to everyone I talk to!

I took My son and daughter to her and she was excellent. Good bedside manner and good with children.

Both of my children see Dr. Molonzo. He is the only doctor that has ever known my children by face and not by their chart. The staff is wonderful and also know my children as well as myself by face and name. He allows me to take part in their health care, listens to what I have to say and any

Doctor Casto is very nice to all patients and always shows consideration and concern when treating a patient. His therapist are all nice, friendly and very considerate of others.

Dr. scharf help me immensly at riverpark but the care i am getting now at bluefield is putting back in the same shape. he is an excellent dr.and you should be proud to have him on your staff. sincerely yours glen heflin

I have been a patient of Dr. Daristotle's for several years now. There is no other doctor I would trust with my ears. He is Great. Very fast and efficient. Really knows his stuff! The girls in the office are very kind and friendly and always greet you with a smile. I have recommended him to

Dr. Evans has really helped me and my family. It speaks for it's self that they have been in business for over 40 years.I would recommend Dr. Evans to anyone seeking treatment.


My husband is a patient in the University Physicians Group. He had never seen Dr. Gress.He had only seen Dr. Elbash once. When we found out that his scrip for breathing meds had expired, and he was no longer a patient of the prescribing Dr., I made one phone call to Dr. Elbash's office asking

Very good clinic with a very good staff. They are urgent care and family practice. They have Dr. Richard Vasicek and two nurse practioners. Thet are open Monday-Friday 8-8 and weekends 9-5.

My oldest son is very sensitive about letting the dr look at his teeth, much less work on them; when I took him in to get fillings the first time we went to the hosp to have it done, but the 2nd time we went in the office. They gave him a liquid sedative that made him so loopy he couldn't stand

Dr. Lowman is the best dentist in Charleston and his staff can't be beat!

Doctor Jeffery McCormick has one of the most wide range of sense of understanding and intelligent that We have meant. If there is something He has not pondered on, He will, make sure to knowledge that area the next change he gets! One of the most confident person I have ever known and I am

She has helped maly of my friends and not one has had a negative word to say!

Dr. Guyer is in my opinion the best Diabetic doctor that I have ever been too she understands her patients and takes time to listen to your problems and answers all your questions. I have been a diabetic for 30 years and she is the only one that I have ever been to that understands my blood

Dr.sisson is the best! painless,cheerful,he makes the most beautiful smiles in the country.

The staff is extremely nice. Very personable. WHen you call and they know your first name and who your children are that means a lot. Dr. Lucero is patient with my three girls and you can't find that anywhere in Beckley.

Dr. Bloom really cares about doing good work and treats everyone as he would want to be treated. Up to date technology and friendly office staff. My whole family has changed to Dr. Bloom

He is the best guy to go to when you need a tooth pulled. He doesn't do regular dentist work, just pulls teeth, but that's OK. I have had some trouble with my teeth because of medicine I'm on and so I have needed a lot of teeth pulled. He is awesome! He doesn't make you suffer while he pulls

He makes going to the dentist more like spending a day at the spa. He and his staff are great they are the nicest, kindest people who really believe in excellent customer service. I highly recommend Dr. Burgess.

In a word: PAINLESS I have been through a lot of dentists. There is a reason for that. I do not tolerate pain well, and I expect quality work. If I walk into an office and see equipment from 1979 and a chair with distinctive claw marks, I walk back out! Like every other field of medicine, there

He is so nice and has time to sit and explain everything to you.He is in no rush to leave the room untill all your qustions are answered.I would not go anywhere else

Dr. Spurlock really cares about her patients. You can call anytime you need her and she will listen and help in any way that she can. If you are having problems, she is worth a visit.

Just can't say enough great things about Dr. Webb.He is concerned about about you and your well being.He will do and has done alot though the years to help me,and continue's to work with me.He has a caring staff,and runs his office in a super manner.If you ever need his help,he will do all

Excellent chiropractor! Got rid of my headaches quickly.

EXCELLENT: Dr. Yarborough does what others only promise. Don't waste your time- and I mean a LOT of time - with Affordable Dentures. You can make an appt. with Dr. Yarborough instead of waiting in his waiting room all day. He is very friendly, fast and does excellent work. Right on the mark

I have been under the care of Dr. Skolik for the past 7 years, and if it were not for her, I would be blind. She is the most knowledgable and caring physician I have ever known. She will always take the time to listen to what you have to say about your problems with you eyes, and will explain