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Nia is a fun fitness class! I look forward to my classes each week.

My daughter's experience with your ER was horrifing, starting with the ambulance ride, the ER nursing staff and patient care. My daughter fainted in a classroom at the UW recently and fell on her back hitting her head on a tile floor. When the ambulance arrived she was still on the floor, never

Hey I was born here so I can't really complain. I've had to come here for various tests (to figure out what illness I had) and everyone was nice and kind. They made me feel very welcome and they treated me like a person not a disease. Thank you all.

What a lovely hospital. Great doctors, clean - I could tell they really cared.

I see Dr. Wegner and he is really great. He is really friendly and takes time to answer your questions. I highly recommend him, especially if you wear contacts.

Dr. Harvey Honig of Psychology Associates in Madison, WI not only helped me through some dark times, he helped me to more fully value the good times as well. Supportive, intuitive and gentle, Dr. Honig proved himself to be a giving and kind soul, more than just a psychologist. He is guided

I've been seeing Dr. Capesius off and on for a few years now and so has my wife. Neither of us have ever had a problem with his adjustments or any ill after affects. He's always willing to take a moment to and show he has a bed side manner and just talk to you as a person. His office has always

I was referred to an endocrinologist and seriously considered going to Milwaukee for the referral. Fortunately, Dr. Hagen (who also works out of Freodtert) was able to see me. I found him to be methodical, unasuming and very approachable. I would recommend this doctor.

I agree with the earlier review. The counsel I received was exceptional and I am a changed person!

Dr. Droste is an excellent physician. She is very thorough and her bedside manner is wonderful. My husband and I were more than pleased with the attention she gave to us because of our difficuly situation.

Very nice and pleasant manner.always good jokes. Take time with patient.

I have been going to Dr. Bolan for many years. He is very good, does excellent work, is very personable, and takes great pains to make sure that his patients don't suffer any. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

I was wrongly diagnosed by a general practioner over 6 years ago. I was never getting better despite all the meds I was prescribed. It wasn't until I saw Dr. Ahmed that I got the right diagnosis and the right meds. My husband sees him as well and we both have had nothing but great experiences

Cool, um, i think that to get more people into downtown we need to a place for the people to live! A good idea is too raise the density and perhaps put more local attractions. The Kenosha Public Museum is good, but that boathouse they buit in 2005? Blah. So once we have good attractions such


Hands down, the best all-around medical practice I have ever found (and I have been to quite a few.)I had an undiagnosed, rather personal, and extremely.

I'm a very anxious person when it comes to seeing a dentist. Dr. Hamilton and his staff made me feel completely at ease. Dr. Hamilton does a great job. Procedures are virtually pain free. He spends one-on-one time discussing his recommendations and making sure I understand the next step in

YAHARA HOUSE offers adults with mental illness a path to recovery through relationships and work. It is built on the clubhouse model which guarantees: a place to belong, meaningful relationships, meaningful work and a place to return. Yahara House emphasizes opportunities for members to regain

Brugada Syndrome : I was diagnosed with a rare heart condition and Dr. Jazayeri was able to help it through cathader ablations and medication. He is point blank and honest about my condition. Now I am able to run and pursue my dream in Law Enforcement. Thank You Dr. J.!

Dr. Abraham is a very understanding doctor. I feel very comfortable asking her questions. She explains things throughly and writes everything down for you. I went to another pediatric doctor in the same office and did not really care for their approach. I always felt rushed out of the office.

Listens and provides provides care with explanations. Dr Wisniewski and Peggy provide well above expectations.

I have been to Dr. Zeeb on a number of occasions. He is a good dentist who covers all of the bases. I had trouble with a crown, and he has fixed it without complaint. His staff does a great job with appointments, and my only complaint is the hygienist treats my teeth too rough. Overall, I would

This office is very professional and makes certain you are in and out, while doing a perfect job! Doctor Mueller is a one of a kind. he is warm and friendly and always puts you first. I would highly recommend his practice to anyone who is looking for a great family dentist!

I had a great experience here. They had a really different mix of eyeglass frames to choose from.The staff were fun and helpfull without being pushy. I got a pretty neat pair of glasses picked out at a reasonable price. I didn't have a current eyeglass prescription, so I got my eyes examined

I saw Dr. Gullberg once in Prompt Care. He has great bedside manner and is really, really nice. One of my favorite doctors!

You don't have too wait long to be seen and doctor/nurse care is good.

This place is sooo awesome. Highly recommended, the place to be for all your herniactic needs!

I've been on my parents insurance forever and now that I've switched jobs and graduated from college - I'm off of it. I have to wait 90 days for insurance from the new company and the past two appointments for my mom and myself they've said. we'll give you a deal so you that you can have your

Very good doc, excellent skills best among the lot

Dr. Ohringer is awesome. He has great bedside manner and really takes time to answer your questions. Everyone else I've ever met who saw him really liked him, too. I highly, highly recommend him if you need to see a GI doctor.

I had a friend that went there to have her First child and after seeing how good they were with her I decided to go there myself now that I am Pregnant. A Great experince every time i go! Except for the emergency department. best Bet Go Some where ELSE!

The staff here is extremely knowledgeable and very friendly. They knew exactly what I was looking for and had a very nice selection. I would definitely recommend them to anyone wno is looking for high quality, good fitting undergarments.

The Nurses at St. Mary's were very informative during my Mother's stay. We didn't see much of the doctor, but that's the same anywhere you go! We were just glad the Nursing staff and assistants were so hospitable to our emotional needs. My Mother's cares were delivered with competance and care.

Dr. Chantelois is the best! The staff at the Birthing Inn is equivilant! She takes the time in her appointments to answer any questions. Michell her nurse will answer any questions over the phone. I had to ask her a lot with my first child and she treated everyone like it was the first time

Always have to wait but who wants to wait to go in the hot seat wonderful dentist we really like him friendly staff small quaint office

My family has seen Dr. Sanidas for six years now and we have uniformly excellent things to say about him. Great manner (funny laugh) and he works very hard to accommodate patient schedules. Thanks!

Dr. Michael O'Connell was the best dentist that I have ever had the pleasure of being worked on by. His slogan is we cater to cowards and he really does. He has very sincere hands and a very personable attitude toward the most scared patients. I would highly recommend him to everyone that I

Jude Wentland is by far the best in her field. I owe her my life. Thanks Jude.

The chiropracters are the best. they are very friendly.(Dad this is from Ally)

Great doctor. Quick and efficient. No nonsense here. One of my appointments literally took five minutes. That being said, make a list of things you need.

Fantastic practice. Dan is a professional who is very sensitive to the needs of different types of clients. This a part time practice since the proprietor also works for UW Health. His treatment is the only thing that has worked on the pain from the three slipped discs in my lower back. My

I was very pleased with my experience at Planet Chiropractic. Dr. Mike and Dr. Aimee made me feel very comfortable and the headaches that I had are now gone. I feel that I have a new health coach.

Thankyou Dr. Reesman for all you have did for me, to make me have a better smile. Lori

How can I not love St. Luke's Hospital? I was born here wayyy back in 1961 when they still had a maternity ward. My parents (still) live so close to this.

This organization is at the cutting edge of treating and preventing HIV/AIDS.

My overall expierence with the Mental Health Center has been very rewarding. I received a lot of help from Jan & Poncho over the years that I attended. Thanks for everying!

Bottom Line: Excellent docs, limited frame selection.I was impressed with the professionalism of this office. They seem to run a tight ship. The doctor.

Dr. Oriel is a great doctor. She is honest always listens to what you have to say, instead of just blowing you off. She takes the time to make sure your.

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I never thought I would write a review anout a medical clinic but once again just got off of the phone and had wonderful help from these folks. It helps.