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Call to make an appt. and they told me they don't see people with no ins. so the means they let people die just because they don't have ins??? They can still pay you know..

My husband and i have both been to the clinic and have been very impressed! the staff there is extremely nice and helpful, have been to several other emergent care places in town and @ the area there is no other place that is as good or caring as the staff here! great job guys! :)

Dr Smith is an amazing surgeon. I would have never walked again without limping if it had not been for him.

There was no one in Triage to check me in when I arrived. I literally had to walk through the hospital, with a fever of 103 and severe back pain, to find a nurse to check me into the emergency room. According to a nurse in the family, that's VERY POOR for a hospital not to have anyone in Triage.

I first came in to Dr Koehn 4 years ago. She is so wonderful that I now bring the rest of my family to her. She is very thorough and spends the time we need. She has definately earned our trust and that is an important aspect when going to a doctor of any sort. She is not only the best optometerist

Sheridan Eye Care Center is THE BEST place in Sheridan to have all of your eye care needs. The doctors here are top of the line and professional at all times. I had an issue with contacts and Dr. Hoffman would not give up until I was completely satisfied. O HIGHLY recommend Dr. Hoffman and


Very professional and always available. This is one of the best service businesses in Sheridan Wyoming today!

She is a greate doc n a geate person to know and ill remend to others too go n see here n id recoment to my faminly n friends goo to she is a geate person

I have been a patient here for years and have always had a positive experience. The office is warm and friendly and the staff makes every effort to make the experience as painless as possible.

Dr. Edwards is a GEM! We recently moved here and I needed someone to continue my treatment. He was honest and said it was more extensive than he felt comfortable doing, referred me to someone else in Cheyenne but anytime I have a problem with a loose wire, he takes me right in! No Charge! There

Dr. Kirsch is a very likable, kind and gentle fellow who is very thorough in his practice. I highly recommend him to take care of any aches and pains you may have.

Dr. Haller is a great Doctor. He is also a great person. He seems to always have time to take care of everyone. He is so busy and his time is so filled with all of his obligations. He is definetly someone to be admired.

Dr. Sheridan is an outstanding doctor. She is compassionate and takes the time to talk to the patient and answers all of the patient's questions. I didn't feel rushed, like I do with some docotrs. She is current on new medical treatments and technology. More importantly, she explains in detail

This place is AWFUL! I went in and they had double booked my Appointment. LUCKILY, I was the one with my name on the list. The other guy had to reschedule and they told him it must have been his fault he wrote the time down wrong! It took them 20 minutes before they told the doctor I was waiting.

Dr. Bisbee has retired. His practice has been taken over by Patrick Kirsch, DC who is WONDERFUL. Dr. K is very kind and gentle and very effective at taking care of any aches and pains you may suffer from. He is located in the same office Dr. Bisbee occupied for all those years.

Dr. Smith did a fantastic job. He and his staff are very qualified, knowledgeable and friendly. Would recommend to anyone!

I have been going to Dr. Roussalis now for almost 5 years. his service is great and hes a really funny guy if my kids ever need braces and he is still in business hes the dr. i would choose. along with hi assistant Liz. I love these guys.

I think the preschool is fabulous. Yes, they could use new facilities, but the staff does a terrific job with the children. My 17 year old was there from the age of 2 to age 9. My 7 and 6 year olds have been there since 2003. They have all been well prepared for elementary school. Several teachers

Thank you for helping keep me healthy, would say use him for all you needs. VA's gain Sheridan General publics loss. Good luck at the VA!

Everyone that works at Babson and Associates shows every time that they truely care and are there for the patients. I really appreciate everything they have done for me. They are turely good people. I would definetly recommend Dr. Babson and his Associates to anyone.

Cory and Renee are both GREAT physicians. They both take the time to listen to their patients. If you have a sore throat and need to get in the same day, they make the effort to work around your schedule. If you have issues they make sure they are at full attention. Thanks you guys.

Elizabeth Rhodes is Awesome! She is knowledgeable and compassionate. She has aided my healing with every visit! Thank you Elizabeth!

He is a wonderful doctor i recommend him if you have young kids.he explains things so you understand them wonderful!

This place is awesome with children. I would most definitly go back for everyone. I just wish he took adults as well. My children used to be afraid to go now they get excited. This dentist is great!

I will try my very best to do an outstanding job for you. I know that patients are nervous and anxious when visiting the dentist. Part of a successful dental visit is the proper interaction beteen the doctor and the patient to help to relieve the patient's anxiety, establish trust and get to

This is the type of doctor you have always heard of, but never met. Dr. Wells treats you as an individual and always has time to listen. She is willing to work with you in deciding the best plan of action. She is the best. The other physicians in the Family Clinic are very helpful also. Dr.

My husband has been in renal failure for almost 5 years,4 yrs on peritoneal dialysis, then this last March he had to change to hemo. Before he went on hemo we were going to Cheyenne once a month. Every time he got sick we had to travel to Cheyenne. Besides the price of gas at time he was so

No eye candy frills to pay extra for here, just excellant care for a reasonable price, doctor and staff are very helpful and considerate. 2 thumbs up here!

As an RN working in Casper, I have personal knowledge of alot of the phsicians in town and Dr. Works is a shining example of what a truly outstanding physician is. Dedicated, compassionate and caring, Dr. Works is a credit to her profession and represents the best of what Casper has to offer

There is so much to say for Dr. Dowell's ability that I will only state a few. Dr. Dowell has a great knowledge of infectious diseases and truly cares about his patients. This doctor took the time to explain in great detail where my care was headed. He is the type of Doctor that will put together